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A Party of One.

Instantly–just like that–I was alone. In the beginning, there are people everywhere. There is rarely a moment when people aren’t swarming. They are hugging each other and the widow. They bring food. They help greet other guests. They try to … Continue reading

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You Have to Train Before Running a Marathon

There are many types of loss–some types of profound loss aren’t losses of loved ones. Divorce, loss of limbs, or even loss of a job can be emotionally devastating. Some experience a sudden loss of a loved one while others … Continue reading

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Originally posted on And Now for Something Completely Different:
The Goodbye It was time.  I walked in, your wife, your best friend, your lover.  You had been cleaned up, tubes removed, hair combed, fresh gown.  I was able to hold…

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April 12, 2002: Eight Months After My World Quit Turning.

This is a journal entry that I kept online after Randy died. It is as it was when I wrote it. Mistakes, passion, and at times unintelligible blabbering all included. It isn’t pretty. It was real, though. This was a … Continue reading

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